At A1 Case Management, we are able to adapt our sessions to meet your needs whether its brainstorming ideas for daily life crisis, developing coping skills, offering support, providing resources to family, and dealing with mental health issues. We offer telehealth appointments through a variety of options to help meet your needs. At A1 Case Management, we work with any age from children to adults. Our therapists have extensive experience working with a variety of mental illnesses, substance use issues, gender and sexuality issues, and day to day struggles.


Here at A1 Case Management, we offer a few different options for telehealth therapy. Whether you are not local and looking for services or you prefer to receive therapy virtually, we can provide those accommodations. The options for telehealth are as follows:

*Our secure patient portal

*Phone sessions

Case Management

We offer private pay Case Management services that are client centered to fit your needs. Case Management is a process where we work with you on completing an assessment to see what areas you feel you need improvement, planning on how we can help you achieve or accomplish your goals, care coordination with doctors or any other services within your community, promote client safety, and cost-effective quality care outcomes. With our Case Management services, it involves more then just addressing a single issue or problem. We can also provide ongoing assistance with issues such as basic emotional support, career growth, budgeting, and coaching on how to improve your situation. While receiving services through A1 Case Management, we also provide family support to those that we serve to help them better understand and comprehend what you’re going through so that they can also be supportive of you.

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistants are available to assist with in home supervision or care. They are able to help with daily activities such as grooming and maintaining the home environment. They are also able to assist with doctor appointments, community activities, grocery shopping, and social activities. The services Personal Assistants provide can be customizable based on individual needs and desires. Call today for pricing and availability information.